August 31, 2021 1 By Belinda Ashlyn

I’ve heard and seen ladies describing the kind of man they want to spend their life with and parents praying for their daughters to find their desired life partner. Well, I’m not so different from them, of course loneliness is not one of my long term goals, neither is it my portion.

This is a letter that I couldn’t even scribble on my diary because I don’t want anything to interfere with the words. The words are so dear to me that if it were possible I would have tattood them in your heart.

I hope that you may keep the promise of fulfilling the vows we will exchange at the church altar.
I hope you will not give up on us despite the hurricane we will experience.
I hope to be the one you confide in.
I hope to be the one you share your dreams and goals with.
I hope you let me be the one to give you a shoulder to lean on and my thighs to be the pillow you wipe your tears on.
I hope to gas up the light in your life and not dimming the one you already lit.
I hope to be the one you build an empire with
You be my King, I be your Queen.

To our children,
I hope you be their Superman.
I hope you be their first love.
I hope you be their best friend.
I hope you provide and protect them.
Be the one they confide in.
Embrace them with love when they are hurting.
Be their physical, emotional and spiritual pillar of hope.
Let them know and respect God.

To our son,
I hope you teach him how to be a man.
I hope you teach him to be a loving husband as you are.
Teach him to love himself better before loving the woman of his life.
Teach him to be brave to face anything
Teach him to respect women.
Teach him not to let his dignity and kindness be taken for granted.
I hope you teach him to respect and be kind to everyone.
I hope you teach him to be responsible and partake his duties in the society.

To our daughter,
I hope you give her enough love so that she may not seek it from other men who will only take advantage of her thirst for attention.
Let her know her worth so that she may not set low standards to give people a chance to take her for granted.
Teach her to be strong emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually.
Protect her and give her words of affirmation before no one else does it.
Help her to grow to be a modest and productive woman in the society.
Help her to be an ideal woman.

Dear future husband, let us love, cherish and treasure each other. Let us, as one, build a family akin the paradise. Let us be each other’s source of joy and reason we keep moving, succeeding and growing wholly.