I am no psychologist but I have seen and witnessed strained relationship between father and son. It is everywhere. You look at the way the society of today is and could not but wonder how our tomorrow will be. The level of irresponsibility is high, the level of laziness is even higher. Why are guys acting out?

The today we are living is a reflection of our yesterday. Therefore, the way the men aged (18_25) are behaving is all resultant from the yesterday. Guys join campus and the culture shock hits them too hard. Every Friday is a drinking spree, individuals are smoking. Individuals living way above their standard. What they do not realize is that this is just but a phase. Who are they emulating?

If you want to drink, drink because you want to, not because a friend is doing it. Live a purposeful kind of life. So many guys have no father figures. You find that their dads are either too uptight to a point that miss out a certain point of the child’s growth. Character and individuality is built between the age of 4-13 approximately. If and in the event a child lacks a father figure they will suffer from identity crisis which brings me back to our topic, daddy issues.

We know one may wish they had a better dad, a dad who was always present. A father who would teach them how to play football, master chess and drive a car. Yes, the dad did not do all that but appreciate that he did give you an education and that is why you can be able to read this article.
Maybe, he absolutely did not play any role in the upkeep, he was never there, he slept drunk in the drainage systems and drenches but he is still your father, respect that fact and do the better you wished he would have done.

Instead of drowning your sorrows in alcohol and eventually winding up like him. Make yourself proud of the “you” for your future children, read more books. Learn from his experience and learn to tame your temper. Strike harder, go faster, start chasing your dream and if you have already lived your dream, then you have not dreamt hard and big enough. Build up dreams that will scare you.

The more challenges you face, the stronger you become. You are resilient if you defy all odds and wind up where you never imagined you would be: this is meant positively. Yes, you got daddy issues, no father figure, no one to look up to, then become your own father figure. Go for what you are wishing you had from your dad and let it become the you.

Eventually we know that daddy issue is broad and for the men who have no one to look up to, keep strong for you are stronger than you think. For those whose dads are fully present in their lives, do appreciate them.

Daddy issues remains a complex issue with no simple solution, for the men; be independent, own your own personality.

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