Beauty from brokness

Beauty from brokness

April 11, 2020 0 By Nims Muchemi

The heart is a terrible metaphor for love. All of you should Stop using it. In fact, lungs would do just right. I stopped breathing. Like my breath had taken a vacation . ‘Is it hot? I felt like I was burning when you decided to leave.

I watched you get away from me and I never questioned it. I knew you had erased me completely from the picture. The day you cut me off, I wanted to be alone forever. I knew no one could hurt me when I’m alone. I don’t know why I did not listen. For my mind tells me eventually, they will pack and go. I was breaking. Damaged into a million pieces. I had a tent to shutter myself from this syllable that crushed my soul and left me in the dark.

Then you came along. I will not call you by your name but you brought along happiness. I have never felt at ease than the day you called me partner. Then,i knew the one we were meant to do life with has found me.Language became our vein of communication. I know everyone uses it but ours was different. We had secret letters, we only, understood . We exchanged our least favourite words. Mine, impulsive. Yours, almost. When I asked why, you said that almost is a definition of us not being good enough. I stopped smiling and thanked God for you.

My ears were begging for your voice. My mind knew that one day, it would conclude your thoughts. Words can only help you when you speak them. I love you. I will not lie; I did not feel this when I first saw you. Love can only be described as the way it lives. Silly little things didn’t exist before we created them.You taught me that I cannot say that I will not sleep today just because I had a nightmare yesterday. Because of you, love is the only thing that all songs are right about.