March 10, 2019 8 By Judy Misati

As I was going through the status stories of my friends, one particular WhatsApp status caught my attention: A beautiful soul decided to take her life because of a heartbreak……… ‘crying emoji’s’” No! No! No!… Girls this shouldn’t happen… it hurts”. As the thirty second video continued to playing. I felt like crying. The lady was very beautiful, truly looking at the status, she was worth so much. So priceless.

I would definitely point fingers but it hit me; this is not the time to point fingers, this is the time to say truly that it is never serious. It doesn’t have to get to that point. No, you are too precious to end your life just because a ‘Nobody dumped you!’
The crimes of passion are on the increase today. From the young to the middle aged, people are stubbing each other, individuals are poisoning themselves. We are of a different society. A society where the moral campus has changed. I am definitely not writing this to excuse the former boyfriend to the lady nor to justify what the lady did but all the same, there is a way heartbreak is more of a norm. But do understand that accepting reality is the best you can do for yourself. All this pain she felt that she could not bear is something that can be experienced by anyone, question is how does one handle it?

Being in love is such a beautiful thing. In as much as it is beautiful, it has its own cons which is; love is basically the highest level of vulnerability any individual can be at. Psychologist say that for one to heal from heartbreak, it is as if one is healing from the death of a person, it is attached to lose. Basically one is going through mourning coupled up with rejection.
Therefore, if a friend of yours is experiencing this, accept that the pain will always be there and somedays, it will be more painful than the other. You will see something and everything that will definitely remind you of the lose. Dear friends cry it out. If the pain is too much, seek counselling and as I always say, the best medicine to emotional turmoil is talking about it, say all that is in your mind.
Eventually your friends should learn to create room to listen to you whining to listen to you trash talking the former, name call them and go out have some fun. Do not be in a position where you are left alone to yourself for your mind may wonder off to the past which is not good.

What is gone is gone! If it was yours it will eventually find you. Relationship should not be a “leave me”. “I will kill myself basis”. If you find yourself in such walk away as that is a toxic relationship. You find yourself always begging for attention walk away as relationships should be on a give and take basis.

It is NEVER that serious. It does not have to wind up with you in pain! Guard your heart against such and for those ladies and men messing and toying with people’s hearts, kindly STOP IT! That is a fellow human being.

You are the only one who can do justice to yourself. You are the only one who can take care of yourself the way you deserve to.
Value the ‘ you’ for you are precious!

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