Today more than ever I am confused about the truth about wealth. Well, how is it gauged? What method I used? And more often, how is it acquired?

Starting off, a friend when asked about wealth in terms of monetary value could have heard some relation with the family we were born in. Say for example, one is born in a politics oriented family, this person is graced and groomed to continue his family’s lineage of successful politicians. What of a son born into farmers and squatters? his chances of succeeding are more often left for luck.

Our parents growing up in the village worked hard for their children, that precisely referring to this generation, so as to better their lives. With regard to the standards of living of the present day life, most families are middle class economy. This proved that more times than usual nowadays our lineage does not have to necessarily determine our future endorsements.

Our generation is based on wealth being in terms of good health, proper housing, comfortable lifestyle and most relevantly a bit of something to show success.
Is it that unlike all those before us we no longer have bigger goals to achieve other than making money?

All in all, wealth in the new day to me, is about being better everyday, no matter how small or insignificant.

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