Sense of fashion, style and generally looking good is what defines her well. It’s a path that she took when she was young and now it means everything everything to her. Emmaculate Naitore shares her modelling trail.

Briefly tell us about yourself

My real name is Emmaculate Naitore. Am into fashion and entertainment; modelling, styling, designing and music.

How did your passion for fashion come about?

Growing up, we had this househelp who had a sewing machine and would use it at home. I was curious and loved how she did it. I slowly started with I dressing up my dolls and graduated to remaking old clothes.During my first year in campus, my cousin introduced me into the modelling industry and here we are now.What is the most fascinating thing about being a model?

I feel it’s the way I get to be myself and express my emotions through fashion and photos.

Whom do you look upto

Not anyone in particular but I appreciate moral input from my mum. Stylewise i admire Yemi Alade and Rihanna.Tell us one weird fact about yourself

Most of the time, I come across as a dreamer but am a keen observer.

Apart from modeling, what else do you do?

Am a student, voice over artist and actress.Worst rumour you’ve ever heard about modelling

Models are blonde. Not true. Modelling requires skill and tact.

What’s your next project?

I’m launching my own clothline soon.

Advice to anyone out there with passion in fashion/modelling

I’d advice them to work hard, always think outside the box, invest in their career and be patience.



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