March 5, 2019 4 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Entertainment is part of his genetic alignment. From Cooperate events to club events to outdoor events and also to roadtrips. Alex Gitau shares his secrets to success.

Tell us briefly about yourself

I’m Gitau Alex Maina born and raised in Naivasha but live in Nairobi. I’m a procurement student and currently the Entertainment and social affair director at The Kabete National Polytechnic. Besides that, am also an entrepreneur

When did your passion towards entertainment begin

It began back in primary school but I was so shy, I couldn’t express myself on what I really wanted but in high school everybody could notice my passion in it.

Let’s talk about Alex Entertainment

It’s an upcoming brand that majors in organizing events, artist management, photography, branding and marketing.

What Inspires you to do what you are doing?

My late dad life history, it inspires me a lot since he came from a very humble family and he managed to raise and tried his best for us not to struggle.

Basically, what does Alex Entertainment entail?

Alex Entertainment holds club events at least monthly and if not, our team is somewhere managing a big event like an institutional or corporate event

If you weren’t in the entertainment industry, what would you be doing?

Huh, I’d be somewhere doing mega sales or marketing for companies. I would make a good marketing strategist.

What keeps you going?

Being so open minded and having a great team on my back. Thanks to my crew.

The best advice you’ve ever received

The biggest adventure you can take in life is living your own dream ~oprah Winfrey

Always be yourself,express yourself, have faith in yourself,do not go out and look for a successful person and duplicate it~ Bruce lee.

which project are you currently working on?

I’m planning on a festival that will change the face of entertainment in Kenya. It will be one of a kind but still need a lot of great and artistic minds on board. In the meantime, am doing some road trips and club events.

Which advice can you give to someone who has a heart towards entertainment?

Trust your passion 100% and welcome to the industry, there is a lot of space for you to showcase your talent.

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