December 18, 2019 3 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Before you even go further with this, let me hit you with a disclaimer: I am not in any way encouraging sex, neither am I against it. However, sex is sweet. Only when done at the right time, with the right person, in a great venue (you know, talk of candle lit room with flowers carresing the floor) and … ooh yes, with a great bedroom playlist blaring in the background.

Asking for sex can be the hardest nut to crack. Gathering the appropriate words and involving the paramount physical manoeuvre might sometimes be the greatest debacle.

Sex requests for consent. Without consent before coitus, we shall have to call that shit rape. Both parties must be in the right mood. They must be willing to divest up to the last drop of the panties and get the feelings to a mutual state.

Ideally, a gentleman doesn’t ask for lungula, at least not directly. A gentleman should be able to play around with the magical tactics that will bring the lady into the circle of his desire.

Bringing her senses to meet yours is very essential. Fact check is you will have to ignite her hormones for her to be on the same page with you.

But the big question strikes, is it really the role of the man to inquire for a genital meeting? How many times has your girl asked for sex? zero times?

I believe sex is a mutual action. Both parties are entitled to make a move. I slide down to my memory lane and recall this lady friend who was asserting that she can never stoop too low to ask a man for sex. she said, ”How will he even think of me? a slut maybe? sex addict perhaps.”

Copious ladies live with that mentality. They have the fear that men will brand them names neighbouring prostitution the moment they declare their sexual thirsts.

It’s a changing world. Every lady should feel entitled to ask for sex from THEIR lover whenever they feel the need. On the other flip, men should not be quick to judge when the lady asks for sex. After all, she is your lady and she deserves the bedroom snack.

Ladies, it’s about time you surprised us mahn. I can’t contradict with the scientific proof that men are always ready for sex. With that said, please go a head and demand for whats yours. I hardly doubt if a real gentleman can deny his queen the bedroom snack, not unless he is feeding from another pot.

Every man’s dream is to be raped by his lady, can I get an AMEN as we head to part 4 of this series…

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