October 1, 2019 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

Music industry is morphing, with new artists emerging each and every day. Carryone, an entrepreneur owning a bakery and a full time Kenyan artist, has mastered the art of crowning the crowd with best of his musical mavericks. We catch up with him on this exclusive interview.

Briefly tell us about yourself
My real name is Samwel Kimani but my stage name is CARRYONE. I grew up in Nakuru county, Molo District but right now I stay around Nairobi doing music and business.

How would you describe the genre of music that you do

I see myself as a versatile musician because i grew up listening to different genres but i represent for the motherland thus i like to describe my music as afro-pop. However, I can also fuse Afro with RnB and I believe that any good singer or rapper can flow on any beat as long as he or she is inspired or fell the vibe.

Do your parents support what you do?

My both parents, two sisters and a brother are my biggest fans. Although they may not support me financially but encouraging me to push harder in my music everyday is something that I really appreciate.

If you were to change something about your past, what would it be?

I wish I could go back to class right right now, I would stop being a people’s pleaser. My teenage life was tricky because I wanted everyone to accept me and be associated with a certain group of people. The desire to be like a group of people messed with some of my dreams.

What is the major challenge that you face as an artist?

As an upcoming artist, my biggest challenge has been getting my music on radio and television especially with absence of a reliable management.

What is that one thing about you that people don’t know?

In 2017 I rented a house at Embakasi in the morning and left for work but I came back around midnight and could not locate the house. I slept outside that day.

Apart from being an artist, what else do you do ?

I own a small cakeshop called Love Splash Cakes in Ruiru.

What is your biggest plan this year?

I am planning to do more music and network with already established artists and media personell locally and across East Africa.

Which is your favourite song amongst your songs?

My favorite song has to be my latest single “Balaa” because I invested a lot in it and got exactly what I was expecting from both the audio producer and the video director. It is also the most viewed song on YouTube right now.

What is the worst advice you’ve ever received?

To follow a crowded route. I like being unique and trying new things.

CARRYONE is a graduate from Meru University of Science and Technology. I persued BBIT and graduated in 2017.
I realized my love for music when I was in class three and started composing when I was in class 8. Later released my first song when I was in 4th year.

I would like to say that Kenyan Music has grown and Kenyans want more local content as opposed to some few years back when Tanzanian and Nigerian music was all we wanted.

Those who would like to support me should request my songs on Radio and TV stations but most importantly watch and subscribe on YouTube.

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