It happened after he had come to pick me up from his front door of his house, that we relaxed in the lounge talking; he gave me a story of an ended lifestory. He said, “we live in a troubled society, where we love just to use, hate as just to ignore. Living in a generation where the most trouble exists in the mind, we see some of us experiencing real depression.

Not just the kind where you are sad and lonely. I used to be happy, joyous I’d say, because it was enough and in plenty. I know most people say that if they have enough they’d be happy. But really ;do you think so? So I thought you should have joy and peace in the very small things. Every person has felt it, the need to be more or better that sometimes it stresses them really bad. It was gradual I’d say, till it took me to desperation for love, attention and loyalty. I’d find myself laughing to a composition I’d written ;

But I still want to meet her once more
To have what it felt to love her
To have her say she loves me
Even if she’ll only be lying
Because her love is mad
Thats why she leaves me insane
To feel her touch again
Even if it’s not my scars
To see her look at me
Even if it’s not through my pain
To have her keep me
Even though not our secrets
I’m a fool for her love
Though I never want to be right
But still i want to meet her once again
To love her again
But it’s real desperation, we find jokes in graves this days. After all everyone has 15 minutes of fame in life; whether you’ve lived in abundance or lack. So cultivate your mind that it keeps you out of depression. It is the heart ♥ of depression.

Keep it beating every time. Because you realize that life requires humility and good will. We all are not a favorite to someone and bad in someone’s story and that’s cool. To those fighting depression or addiction should know that they still have a fire burning inside. You still matter champ 🥂. Could be most of life’s things are vanity but we should choose our vanity. ” So i thought 💭,” we are not getting younger, so love yourself once again 😅 “.

A writer, poet, entrepreneur and professional marketer.

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