They Love the Chase

It’s said what a man can do a woman can do better. Feminists have come out loud to support the statement and we can see the impact from the change in our current ladies. From the roles they play in the society to independency, which I honestly love the transformation.


Women are now empowered to a point they can now stand with pride and speak out their views. Thanks be to the likes of suzzan B and Lucy stone.


However, there are those roles or things that we can’t keep fighting for equality till forever, they are the reality and facts of the society which have to be respected.


It’s the role of a man to chase a woman. It’s not just about his role but this is one way he proves his status as the man and a way to earn respect and readiness for future responsibilities.


No man wants to feel inferior that’s why they will try with all means to raise their ego. When a man is ready and willing to court a lady, he will follow all steps till the last stage which is marriage.


He will spot his prey, stalk her then probably approach her, exchange contacts or social handles, then the rest he gives luck to his charm.


Is it wrong for a lady to express her feelings?

There are ladies with guts to disclose their feelings to a man they have interest in. It is not a bad thing. It’s good when one is being real on maters of emotions and ideas.


But before doing this probably you should consider asking yourself; How far do I want this relationship to go.


It’s natural to the male species to hunt. They love being on the run to get what they want. The pinch of the reality is, the harder they chase or try to win a lady the harder they find it to lose or let go of the lady.


To be interested in a man is not a crime at all and no one will direct a bullet into your skull. The act of trying to persuade him is what affects it all, give him the chance to show interest in you and try to win you.


The moment you choose to do the vise versa he ends up looking down on you as a desperate soul. He might end up taking advantage of the fact that you are into him, at this point he can do anything to your brittle heart but you won’t see it and will be ready to keep forgiving him.


Baby girl let no one lie to you that it’s okay to chase a man, the ones that want it at ease will lose it the same way they got it. They give respect to their sweat.


They are wired to believe that whatever comes easy is not worth their time and emotions. worst of all not worth their respect.

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