Mental Health, Our Wealth

In the short life I have been sucking air under the sun, I have been able to follow closely three transitions of the U.S.A Presidents. Obama, Trump and lately Biden. During this period, I was old enough and concerned enough to give a hard look on how magnificent the process is normally unfolded.

The captions that are always on those short videos on you tube around this time are normally real titbits that leaves one drooling for more. ”9 security details of the most guarded person on earth, 4th will shock you’ just to mention one that was memorable. Who can’t click the button to be shocked by the fourth security detail of the most guarded fella under the sun?

Before I digress, leaving you calculating the the correlation between the topic herein and transitions of American Presidents and their top notch security details. Here is the crux, the amount of human resource carried by these individuals who earns the privilege democratically to sit inside that famous oval office is worth that guarding.

I may not be the right person to ask this. I don’t claim authority on it. The care I have for you doesn’t allow me wait be to be endorsed to be one before addressing it. I see you in deep pensive mood wondering, what’s this? Gatchu, don’t you worry. How many of us knows how precious is the highly coiled gray matter between our ears; the brain? How much security have we invested for it to remain healthy, I don’t need to be a Jewish prophet to say out of it outpours breath of wealth!

Lets have an upclose of all these and address this matter at length because it has some unique strength. Can we quantify this investment because the results are highy qualitative? If we take care of it, it earns us beautiful names: Super intelligentsia, wise and sundry, worse if we don’t take care of it. We will be called names that many people would never want to be associated with. Who will ever want to be called a streaker or mad? At least mentally impaired person, but why should you go to those extremities when it’s not a billion dollar project that you will console yourself by saying, I lacked the money so I ended up here.

Let’s me even bring it closer so that you don’t feel this is rocket science for somebody else not you.Recently W.H.O released stats that positioned Kenya at a very critical position for us not to assume this at all! 4th in the continent and 9th in the globe with the most depressed persons! As if that it wasn’t enough, DCI blew it, 483 have died by suicide in three months! My good friend somewhere, no mentioning of names, educated me that we don’t say someone committed suicide but died by suicide. Let me now brag with the new knowledge y’all.

The aforementioned statistics are so moving. We need tons of time with ourselves if this is anything to go by. Help me do this, close your eyes, I am serious by the way after reading this statements, please close your eyes.

Here we go! I am anxious all day. Most of the time I cry for no reason. My energy level is 0% and I no longer feel hungry. I think I need help. I don’t know what to do next.I don’t how I feel about it. Can I have someone to speak to. I need a long rest from everything.

Assumably, you closed your eyes after reading every bit of the statements. Anything you closely or distancely relate with after those reads? If not you must be staying in the safest place on earth where very few may be only you probably lives.

This tells you it’s ok when you don’t feel okay, It’s not ancestors haunting you and you feel weird and prematurely decide go for a solitary life because you feel so off. No, it’s ok. Speak it out if you find out it disturbs you psychologically.

Who is your confidant that you normally tell anything and everything? This is the ripe time to go for their company as long as this will go to relieve you this pressure.If you don’t have one and you need help, gatchu, call this toll free number for professional assistance (1199) by Red Cross or Befrienders Kenya on 0722178177.

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