A Celebration In A Sad Generation

A Celebration In A Sad Generation

November 2, 2021 0 By Ninah Brazil

The sarcasm in this is quite interesting. The way we flaunt on our social media handles is different from the loneliness we undergo in our rooms socking our beddings, hunting for depression sicknesses that never existed.

What will we do when nature takes over our prayerful parents and it’s then us to face the world. What have we picked from our parents while they still breathe.

We only celebrate them on father’s and mother’s day as we continue blocking them from our earthy behaviours. Are we asking ourselves what happened to us? Why are we adapting to the life of the whites while they aren’t adapting to ours? Maybe we will understand this when it’s time.

In the past we used to celebrate friendship and visited one another to keep intact, today we are celebrating betrayals from friendships to situationship. It’s become a norm to never trust one another that’s the gospel being spread.

We are celebrating singleness while at this same age our parents already had us and are still with the same people. I hope we find better solution of dealing with such changes.