Here Is Why You Are Loving Wrong

Love is beautiful but this modern generation will make it sound like it’s the worst emotion. The relationship is one of the most controversial topics that can change the mood of everyone just by the mention of it.

You can tell from the rage everyone bears from their past experiences and the lessons we have learned from those around us. Stories, movies, and songs have been released to express the nature and attitude of most individuals when it comes to relationships.

Truth is, we all desire to love and to be loved. Some of us have leveraged everything and have managed to build sustainable relationships, while some of us came out with lessons. In this generation, I hear it’s called character development.

In every season of our lives, we all have encountered failure and some of them are because of our own doings while some are because of reasons that couldn’t be avoided.

Everyone talks about how relationships are difficult when the truth is we are the only ones that make it complicated. We are all different, which means different mindsets, goals, plans, characters, and backgrounds which play a vital role in shaping who we are and where we want to be. It’s the only reason we all have different perspectives which makes the difference when it comes to building a relationship with someone you are not raised with.

In life we all know what we want, this includes the type of relationship we desire, the life we desire, and where we want our career to be.

When it comes to relationships we all have envisioned where we want to be and with whom. This includes the sacrifices we are willing to make or take, and the conversations we want to have with the ones we desire the time. It is never as complicated as most people make it look like. A relationship is only complicated when one person or both parties have selfish interests. This means everyone is there to gain something and walk out of the relationship without being sincere at the beginning.

Here are a few tips to enlighten you on why you are still falling into relationships that are only going to drain your emotions, finances, and time:

You will only be in a relationship that is complicated when you keep choosing the wrong people. By the time you are at a certain age, you understand the type of person you want to spend your life with. By this, I mean the characters, you want to instill in your kids, genes, and the life you want for them. Most times we allow our friends and family to talk us down on our choice when deep down we know what we desire and probably have seen the potential in someone and we love them for who they are.

Relationships are a person’s choice, we are the ones who are going to live with the person for the best and most part of our lives.

You still do not have an idea of what are your love languages and your partners’. Love languages are fundamental when it comes to building a lasting relationship. There are different love languages and most of us resonate differently when It comes to all of them. Relationships are all about loving our partners the way they feel loved and not how we think they should be loved or what we expect from ourselves.

You are just not ready for commitment. A relationship is not dating. Relationships are based on choosing to love someone and being with them even when you do not see the need to be with them. it’s choosing someone at their best and at their worst. It is one sacrifice most of us do not want to make.

You haven’t figured out your intentions towards a relationship. In all our life plans our intentions are the reasons behind the moves we make. We all think a relationship can sustain itself when we just do the bare minimum. The truth is it all begins with being intentional. This will automatically guide you on what you want, where you want to be and what you should do that will impact the relationship. Intentions speak volumes about who you are as a person and how much you value the relationship.

With all these said. I hope you identify your mistakes, acknowledge them, heal then try to love again. It’s never too late. All the best.

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