Gold in a Miry Clay: Untapped Potential Within Us

World Athletics Championship in Budapest, Hungary has come to an end. I Can’t express how proud I am from the stellar performance of my compatriots. It’s civil for me to hail hail bravo to all of them.

Kenya tops the list in Africa in terms of medals scooped in the just ended competition and fifth globally. That’s an excellent performance to say the least.

Names like Faith Kipyegon, Ferdinand Omanyala, Emmanuel wanyonyi, Moraa just to mention but a few deserves a specials place in the annals of our history with their names written with golden letters. They have  done us proud!

The aforementioned heroes and heroines have moving stories on how they got themselves where they are. How they beat every odd and believed in nobody else but themselves. The proverbial YES I CAN must have been their mantra in all their facets of life in this process.

As it was rightly put by one of  the renown leaders in our country that at some point in life you need to stop saying you’re from a poor background and understand you are the background. This will help many more especially us young people who always want sympathy with this line, ‘you know I come from a poor background ‘.

It’s high time for us to pick ourselves from whatever background we are coming from and know how much we are worth in terms of talents and abilities. Lets make a debut and unleash the great potential we have that world is desperate for. Lets showcase to the world what we are made of that has nothing to do with where we came from!

In my reading spree, I just marveled at the wads of cash our compatriots will be jetting back with from the competition it’s just mind boggling on how they have rightly been rewarded the fortune from a very short time.

A gold was being rewarded whopping Ksh10,118 500! Omanyala who unfortunately didn’t perform as expected, he become positioning 7 in  the sprint but bagged over 800K! Am tempted to use the word Talanta Hela at this very point! Because that’s what it is.

I know many of young people are crying there is no job, true there isn’t .The system we have cannot absorb all the graduates from universities and colleges every year. Every year about 800,000 graduates are released into the market. This means we need roughly 3000 jobs to be created everyday to least satisfy this numbers plus them who are already in the field.

This is not practically possible. What if we identify what we are good at and be so good at it and eventually monetize it. I don’t think hii ni story ya jaba. It’s possible to have just shared a little about it and there are tons of examples around us that are alive and practical.

We have gold reservoirs in us, we just need to realize that.

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