How Social Media Has Become Modern Drug Amongst Youths

How Social Media Has Become Modern Drug Amongst Youths

September 4, 2023 0 By Belinda Ashlyn

Social media has impacted our current lives in both positive and negative ways. Sometime back in 2010, the only sites that could be accessed were Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Which all started as resourceful apps for sharing ideas, building a like-minded community, and connecting individuals who bided away.

In these modern times, social media has evolved its presence and impact on our society. We can tell by the increment in job opportunities, creative and Innovative ideas shared, and also a platform leveraged by Gen-z to refine their skills.

Well, put aside the brighter side of social media and all its positive impacts. Social media has taken a negative toll on the life of most of our youths considering they are the ones exposed to its usage.

Normally we hear the only thing that can hook someone to a point of addiction is either drug usage, alcohol, sex, or porn. Neuroscientist have their facts right that, the level of dopamine released equates to that of cocaine.
This means your kid might not be under the influence of cocaine but they are gravely affected by the exposure to social media.

Addiction series is unfortunate to the brain, which influences the perception of an individual, creativity levels, social interactions, physical health as well as mental and emotional.

Talking of creativity, it is undeniable that social media has elevated some level of creativity which includes; animation, video editing and not to forget photography skills. Despite all these skills Acquired, the sharpness of our creative expression is diluted as compared to that of Generation X.

They would come up with original works and execute them after cultivating their thoughts and ideas in all possible ways Until they are perfected.

The truth is this is not leading to the expected solutions we want in our society. We deserve young minds that can generate valuable and solution-oriented ideas.

Just like any other drug, the effects are similar to that of social media addiction.

Laziness is another key factor that deteriorates the growth of an individual, community, society, and organization.

The only activities in social media involve scrolling and reacting to posts. Which only causes mental masturbation and not the actual motivation leading to growth.

The fact that your mind feels satisfied when you watch someone doing a similar thing you have always wanted to do or coming up with ideas but failing to act on them.

Back in school, in the physical world, they were called motivational speakers who talked to you about everything you wanted to hear. It only increases the level of dopamine instead of getting you out of your comfort zone.

Social media is not only addictive it also plays a vital role in mental breakdown. More than ever before, mental health awareness is the most advocated health issue. The reasons are; the rise in suicidal cases caused by depression, family disputes due to unmet mental health, and poor work and school performance due to anxiety and depression.

It’s all overlooked but the reality is social media has played a part in it due to the comparisons we put ourselves into.

Despite the original mission of social media being a global interactive site, it has become a site to increases the anxiety of many young folks who tend to compare their success and achievements with their peer groups.

Truth is, there are early and late bloomers, which means time and work in progress define our growth.

Social media is a very engaging space full of fun activities and personal interests. Naturally, human beings are social beings. We thrive well when we interact with those around us, With social media most of us are hooked to our gadgets and we forget the people in the physical world who serve us, with love, kindness, and care.

Above everything, anything that is taking more of your concentration and productive life is an addiction. It is important to strike a balance in your life and work on your self-growth this will not only put you forward but reduce the risks of anxiety and general mental health. Self-control is a virtue to Cultivate in this error where digital space is taking over.