How To Spend Valentine’s As A Singleton

Clearly Valentines as a culture is meant for the lovebirds but what of the singles? does it mean Valentines shouldn’t be their day.

It is that season where majority are getting to deep conversations and late night calls from partners and other suitors. Having in mind the target for the awaited day.

Someone somewhere is stressing about not receiving flowers, being taken out on a date, or receiving a gift, but what if you change the narrative.

Being single is a choice, as it has become the new narrative in town. Though on such occasions everyone want to feel some type of way like belonging and loved.

Well, here are some of the ways to spice up or have a great day in solitary

Organise a small picnic date
On such a day you can’t obviously drive home or hang around with friends more so those in relationships. There could be a possibility there are other singles who would love to have similar experience therefore tagging them along wouldn’t be a bad idea. This will help you get to know your friends and having a fun time.
Incase of a plug on picnics
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Prepare a special home dish and invite your siblings
It’s way more fun to have a small gathering where you can remind yourselves of the old events and funny memories.

Go on a date with that guy or lady
It’s obvious there could be a person that has been asking you out or one that asked you to be his valentine. Though first make your intensions clear and known to him or her.

Visit a national park, game reserve or any animal park
This will be more exciting and productive. It will help you understand your interaction with animals and nature.

Go on a road trip
If you love adventure and exploring then this would be a bomb experience. You can even go as a team or solo if you want to have a time of your own.
You may consider
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Going on an ice-cream or pizza date
If you enjoy junk then this would be the best option and way affordable.

Visiting the orphanage
This would be an act of service. You could grab something or take some donations or dedicate your time by giving services.

Visiting the less fortunate in your area
People appreciate when they feel remembered or they are at the core of other people’s heart. Visiting people and getting to know how they feel and interacting with them is an important step that shows your concern for humanity.

Driving to a famous Nyama choma joint or pork zone
Grab that ugali and your favorite steak.

Take yourself for swimming
You may meet people to interact with as you have fun.

Visiting the hospital or jail
Providong any kind of service like singing, praying with them brings them closer to hope.

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