Striking A Balance Between Relationships And Goals


It’s common to get that late night text, “sorry I was busy with work I missed your calls. I will call you tomorrow morning.” And they’ll end up not calling. Mysteriously, these excuses were never there when the relationship was still new. They texted every minute, called at least thrice in a day and bombarded your DMs with love emojis.

Then life happened!

Balancing a relationship and chasing a dream can be quite a hard egg to crack. It’s even a cul-de-sac when the two of you have different goals and passions.

Partners who align in passion, skills and goals tend to navigate through this path smoothly. They can strategize together, put goals in line together and also give their relationship the attention it needs. The religious fanatics would say, “a couple that prays together stays together” well, in this matrix I’d say, “a couple with same passion and goals, grow together.”

The elephant in the room lingers; how can a couple that have different passion balance between perfecting their personal goals and ‘boosting’ their affection?

Well, it’s never a walk in the park. Sometimes your personal person can be so absorbed in chasing his dream that he forgets to cultivate the relationship that you share. It might be for the good of your future, but also it may leave a blank page of affection between the two of you.

Respecting each other’s personal space, setting boundaries and setting aside some time for bonding can help to solve this puzzle.

With changing dynamics and economics in our day to day lives, most couples seem to be together just to cost-share the bills and fit in the societal expectation bubble. This roundly means that one is always in that workaholic cycle.

Life’s paradigm has taken a new algorithm. Which is to say, love is there but love alone can not save a bond. We can all agree that money not only make the world go round, but also spices up the relationship.

Per chance, would a lady date someone who is not focused nor pushing themselves to achieve success? Rather still, would a man choose to spend a lifetime with a woman who’s a coach potato?

Whereas we have different preferences when it comes to choosing a partner, the determination aspect is always a subconscious quality that we look for in a partner. We all want a bright future – and that can only mean having someone with a vision that you can either invest in or give moral support.

Striking a balance between when to be lovey-dovey and chasing the bag is a paramount skill. Working professionals are sometimes bombarded with work meetings, business travels, emails and all those office shenanigans that they forget they have people who need their attention, time and love.

A famous street adage echos, “if they really love you, they will always find time for you.” Of course, there will be dents in the relationship but at least they’ll call, text or take you out for dates to water the love. The worst case scenario is when the work is so draining that when they eventually get time for you they are in their worst form.

It’s always advisable to get a partner whose goals align with yours. So that you may work together on projects, spend time together while at it and even share ideas. But when both of you are in totally different industries with contrary visions, there could be a few compromises to be made.

Love finds us in the least expected times of our lives. We can’t really predict whom we will spend our lives with – we could fall for a lawyer, an actor, a journalist or even an influencer when we are just a mere fashion enthusiast.

The rule of thumb remains, strike a balance between work and partner’s quality time. 24 hours is too many hours to spend it all on work. Don’t be the type that wakes up at 40 years old only to realise you’ve spent all your life working and forgot to check up on people who mattered, forgot to socialise and let time pass you by like wind.

Balance! Be on the fence of life. Chase the dreams and also give attention to your partner. They all matter. This is the only time that serving two masters at the same time is really needed.




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