August 15, 2020 4 By Fatuma Hassan Hussein

Human beings are naturally selfish. That is to say that each and every one of us tend to look out for himself or herself first, which is not a bad thing. Being self centered is okay but sometimes one is required to think of the other person just like they think of themselves. After all even God Himself would want us to ‘Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.’

Relationships and friendships nowadays don’t last long because we are not willing to reciprocate favors done unto us. Can you remember the last time that you checked up on your friend either through calls or texts, the last time you bought your girlfriend or boyfriend a gift after they bought you one, the last time you took your woman out on a dinner treat just to show her that you appreciate her efforts of attending to house chores or your toxic masculinity has convinced you that it’s the women’s job to attend to your chores, huh?!

As human beings, we like to be shown that our efforts are appreciated as well as we love to be reassured by the people we care about that they too have got our backs like we have theirs. In that case we should always thrive to meet our partners, friends or family’s efforts at the middle instead of letting them do all the work. So the next time your boyfriend takes you out on a dinner date, volunteer to pay for the drinks as he pays for the meal.(ladies don’t even think of getting on my case on this one because it’s about time that we normalize helping our partners out especially when the both of you are benefiting) do the dishes after your girlfriend has prepared the food. By doing so, you’ll give her more reasons to keep on preparing the food even when she may not feel like it.

It’s about time that as men and women we understood that it’s not logic to let one person put in all the efforts as the other puts no effort at all. It would be better for everyone, as friends or otherwise when we take care of each other with an equal intensity. That way, one person will not feel drained or used but rather both parties will be able to appreciate each other more. I guess what I’m trying to say is, there is nothing wrong with wanting to help your partner in any way. Especially in our generation where everyone is so focused on themselves and the memes have made us believe that we are better off on our own because the truth is we are not.

How about you call or text your friend or partner first the next time they don’t check up, either because they don’t have the credit to do so or because they are the one’s who always reach out first. Buy your boyfriend a birthday present for the first time because it doesn’t hurt doing so, more so when he is the one who shows all the romantic gestures in your relationship. Invite that friend of yours out on an ice cream treat because they have always been there for you.

Do something nice for anyone that has contributed positively in your life, someone who makes you happy, someone who looks out for your best interest at all times, someone who takes good care of you, someone who treasures you. Take care of them like they care for you because 50/50 IS where it’s at. Always remember that.

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