Baby Accounts On Social Media

I really, really, really have no problem with anyone creating a social media account for their 1 month old baby. I, however, have a problem when I start coming across post feeds of the 1 month old baby account with captions like, “me in the hands of my mom and dad.” “I am turning 2 months tomorrow, I am so happy,” then throws in an hashtag #birthdaybaby


What on earth is that?


And funny thing is there are people who get fascinated by such content to extends of commenting on the posts with roundly ridiculous replies.


It’s good to create a brand for your baby, but can you please work on the captions? Like, make them sound real. Of course a 1 month old baby can’t even hold a phone, let alone uttering a word.


A friend was arguing that once the baby grows to be at an age where he/she can eventually start using social media, It would be easier for them to continue what their folks initiated. The captions shows that the account belongs to the baby, and not the parents. If the parents wanted the captions to be something like, “me (insert that celebrity you have in mind) with my 1 month old baby” or “my baby is turning 2 months tomorrow” they would have posted that on their personal accounts.


That actually makes sense. Logic.


They are overworking though. Why don’t you just let your kid grow in private and when they get ready to jump onto social media, they do so. Maybe your kiddo doesn’t even want to be a celebrity, and you’re there forcing issues.


However, there are celebrities who have harvested fortunes from this trend. They have kids who are already brand ambassadors of big brands.


You might be viewing it as a nuisance action to take – maybe because you like your privacy and your family’s privacy as well. But to them, it is one way of generating income – an investment. Them, they are in business.


Again, this is not for everyone. You have to own influence and a bit of fame. In other simple words, a regular mwananchi can’t pull these stunts successfully. The account will only have 2 followers – you and the person you collaborated in making the baby.


People are always nosy in knowing what the celebrities are up to. This makes it easier for them to pull an audience around anything that’s going on in their life. They will give birth today, have an Instagram account immediately and the account blooms with copious followers in no time. They then start rubbing on our faces with those captions, “just made my first cry.” Cut, cut, cut!






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