Teslah Kenya: New Global Songbird Shaking The African Entertainment Scene One Song At a Time

Are you tired of listening to half baked, poorly packaged and unpleasant music from your favorite artist? You might want to check out this artist I am about to introduce to you. She has a tuneful voice, is hyped and as it is about to be proverbial, understands the assignment when it comes to her craft.

Teslah Kenya is undoubtedly the most creative, aggressive and talented artist I have met this year. In that spirit of pushing 254 music beyond mainstream media, I visited her at Black Market records studios in Roasters.

Going by Teslah Njeri when hustling like a common mwananchi, Tesla has graced huge stages before, one of them being Talanta Mtaani. She became the winner of season 1 and eventually became a judge of the show along veteran judge, Lisa, and popular Kenyan dancer, Aggie the dance queen among others. Becoming the brand ambassador of the same show that nurtured her shows how ‘break-the-ceiling’ material she is.

We had a lengthy conversation about her choice of style on her new EP, Sensual. Beyond the name, Tesla told me that it is the packaging of music that really matters. While she has a background of working with gengetone artists, she believes that whatever you choose to do will define the kind of music you feed your audience.

For her, it is worth serving your listeners whatever they need. It is this same approach that any business uses to take care of their consumer needs. And since she has a background in sales and marketing, Tesla understands the market well, and that is why she is fast rising.

Teslah Kenya | photo courtesy

As soon as she was signed by Black Market Records, an American record label famously known for signing gengetone artists in Kenya, she got a path that has seen her release dope music, her vocals stunning audiences far and wide; and her lyricism awe-inspiring.

Talented Teslah has worked with known brands such as Dj Euphoric, media personality Antoneosol, and gengetone artist Exray Taniua. This coupled with her interactions with media personalities and other media related brands, has created a music goddess that will soon be an editor’s choice of headlines in both local and international media.

Her EP sensual, has songs like Nyege (ft Kingpheezle), Memo (ft Odi Wa Murang’a), Good time (ft Vic West), Whine (ft Mavoo on the Beat) etc. Her latest banger, Down for you, has received so much praise from fans and the digital media.

Other songs by this talented artist with a euphonious voice are Turn Me On (ft Brandy Maina and Chan Chan), Zuzu, Pombe (ft Thee Exit Band) among others.

If you are a lover of good music, I highly recommend you listen to Teslah Kenya. She is a gem that you should publicly declare your favorite artist. Now go listen to her works and let us know what you think.

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