Nem R; The Fierce Underground Rapper With A Mission To Create Timeless Music

Nem R; The Fierce Underground Rapper With A Mission To Create Timeless Music

February 13, 2022 0 By Brian Khavalaji

When you look at her, you will see a calm, collected person. Give her a microphone, beats and you turn her to a rap goddess. Her lyrical prowess is outstanding and her message thought-provoking.

She is not your typical hood rapper, but one who the mainstream media has refused to recognize. She told me she rules the underground world, and you might agree with her after listening to her music.

Born and raised in Langas, Eldoret, Nem R got inspiration to start music from the harsh ghetto realities. “I have known lack, pain, innocence, and guilt until I harnessed the power of my voice unapologetically,” she says.

While she is a hardcore rapper, she is also a soulful singer. With a mission to create authentic music in the kenyan entertainment scene, Nem R’s music style is experimental and diverse.

Nem R has been in the music industry professionally since 2016. In that period, she has created 17 beautiful masterpieces that are distributed across digital streaming platforms like YouTube and spotify.

Nem R

Nem R has worked with a few local acts such as Wale Matwins, Franso Kenya, Yes Academy Kenya, Ricco Beatz, Dandora Music, Elisha Elai, Kipawa Kenya, and Krotchville Sounds in colorful collaborations.

For a future that is fighting for better airplay of local content, artists like Nem R are supposed to be played over and over. Both traditional media and alternative media play a crucial role in pushing music.

Having interacted with her, I know how best she weaves raw emotions and expresses them in music. She says; “I have settled on the fact that I surpass genres and norms, all I want is to make timeless music that will resonate across generations even when I am gone.”