Press Kid: Never End Victor Githu

Apart from Trio Mio and Mariam Bishar, I have never taken so much interest in any other person’s life. However, I have taken interest in Reverend Victor Githu’s life recently. The young man of God is not only confident, bold and aggressive, but also a good person when it comes to the press. I will tell you about it shortly. But first, let us beat around the corners for a second.

Kenyans on social media do not seem to be taking this kid seriously. As a consequence, he has received criticism from many social media users who argue that Reverend Victor Githu is a crazy child who does not know what he is doing. Many believe that he should enjoy his childhood.

No doubt, Reverend Victor Githu Knows he is a press material. He is aware that he can command crowds, a quality characteristic of a preacher. What is outstanding is how he handles media attention. At his young age, he knows how to respond to hatred and criticism from social media.

He has mastered how to take charge of interviews; his art of storytelling is excellent. The Reverend knows what we call self-fashioning. For your information, self-fashioning is “the process of constructing one’s identity and public persona according to a set of socially acceptable standards, and the conscious effort to strive to imitate a praised model in society.” (Literariness).

Self-fashioning is evident in media spaces he has been interviewed. His interviews on Churchill Show, Jessy Junction, Kenya Diaspora Media USA, The Trend, Tuko Talks ,and recently The Mungai Eve Show tells it all.

Apparently, ‘haters’ took to social media to congratulate Victor for getting 227 marks in the KCPE exams. But how he responded to these allegations is what caught my attention.

Once he says, “let me tell you something,” it is over for any interviewer. To be honest, I admire his courage and how he easily defended himself in his interview with Mungai Eve. “I don’t need anyone’s opinion,” he said. And indeed, Victor has successfully told his side of the story. While at it, you can also feel like he is riding on negative publicity (Negative publicity is good publicity, right?)

In my latest things to learn, I have accepted that Rev. Victor Githu is a brilliant kid who not only knows the word of God, but his interaction with what is happening around the world helps him in preaching.

You can call him the politician of the press, the press kid or media pastor-nality. At 12, he is doing good for himself. This is what we call brilliance. As you were champ.

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