Top Kenyan Podcasts To Listen To

Top Kenyan Podcasts To Listen To

February 25, 2022 0 By Ian Elroy Ogonji

The digital landscape is advancing day by day. Who ever thought you would be in Kenya and comment on someone’s photo in Australia, or be at your house watching how someone spends his life on a vlog on YouTube?

Who even ever thought you’d be on your way to work while listening to informative content on podcast?

Podcasts have changed the radio game. Podcasts opens the window to new knowledge, conversations and topics.

When corona hit the world, a good number of people migrated to the online spaces. They created blogs, launched podcasts and started vlogs on YouTube.

Podcasts in Kenya has captured the waves. There are copious content creators who have gripped in the trend and ensure their target audience are equipped with information, knowledge and engaged in various subjects.

You might be wondering which podcasts to jump onto. Here are some of the top Kenyan podcasts that you can listen to while on your day-to-day living.

The mics are open

Hosted by four radio presenters, G Money, Calvin, Andy Young and Neville, this podcast covers trending topics. The four presenters share their different opinions on life’s topic and their journey in their career scopes.

New episodes are uploaded every Friday. They also have Monday mini-episodes to keep their listeners engaged.

The is hosted by Eli Mwenda and Oscar Koome. The podcast covers masculine topics from finances, relationships, careers etc. The conversations are honest and directed towards personal growth of a man.

The episodes are uploaded every Thursday. They also host IG live on Thursdays at 9pm EAT.

The Messy Inbetween (TMI)

The messy inbetween is hosted by two ladies who have an opinion on life; Murugi Munyi and Lydia K.M. They discuss topics ranging from love, work, money, relationships, friendships and everything in between.

New episodes are uploaded every Wednesday.

Iko Nini

Hosted by Mwafreeka and Dj Zaq, Iko Nini podcast tackles various topics. They also host guests who give their opinions on the subject of discussion.

Their episodes go live randomly.

The joyride

This podcast is hosted by Ben Cyco and Wanjiru njiru. They talk about their relationship journey and other aspects of life that they have experienced.

The podcast with no name

It is hosted by three writers, Ndugu Abisai, Eddy Ashioya and Brian Mbanacho. They share experiences they went through before they started writing. The experiences vary from failures, resilience and the unwillingness to give up.

They also host guests who share experiences with them. New episodes go live each and every Monday.

Legally clueless

Legally clueless is hosted by Adelle Onyango. She documents her raw human journey as an evolving unapologetically African woman. She also gives platform to other people to share their real, authentic African stories.

New episodes are uploaded weekly.


This podcast, hosted by Eric Amerix, talks about men’s health and well-ness. It is geared towards masculinity and empowering the men.

Just like the Saturday masculinity twitter chat, this podcast’s episodes go live on Saturdays.


There are many Kenyan podcasts that you can listen to. The list is endless. As it stands, more and more podcasts are continuing to come up documenting diverse topics on life. The best part with this digital era is that you can access any type of information that you need online. If you like videos, there is YouTube. If you prefer reading the information, there are blogs. And if you enjoy listening to people spill out the information, of course there are podcasts.