Men’s Expectations For Valentine’s Day

Valentines’ day comes with a whole lot of expectations, both for those who are single and the lovebirds.

Most men are notoriously known of skiving this day by all means. They would chant of the men’s conference, forge an important appointment or sometimes just choose to go mute without a concrete explanation.

For some unfathomable reasons, ladies make this day to seem like it’s all about them. They will anticipate a date, gifts and princess treatment. They however hardly put in efforts to reciprocate the dealings.

Men’s conference, in as much as it gets hyped as a joke, some men use this as an escape goat. And tell you what, it works. There have been events that got staged on this day with the ‘men’s conference theme’ dangling on it. Robert Burale, a pastor and life coach is known to hold these events which invariably have a good turn up of men.

Funny enough, women also attend these events. Why would a lady show up on a men’s themed event? You ask. No one has an idea, yet.

In as much as women have expectation for this day, men also have expectations, just that they won’t openly tell you. They want to be taken out, gifted and pampered like baby boys, that they are. Of course, there are ladies that do this – gift their spouses and take them on dates.

The fact that ladies make this about them is the reason why men stage up these men’s conferences. Men who are in serious relationships will obviously miss these events, even though deep down they would wish to know what happens in such a setting. The singles who have a chain of unlabelled entanglements are the target audience.

Being in a polyamorous relationship can really sink one in a cul-de-sac come this day. The confusion of who to give the attention and spend the day with hits so hard. It only saves you if it’s a week day, at least you can use work pressure as an alibi.

The current generation hardly commits to relationships. They put their bet on different lovers to escape the heartbreaks. It is so worse that it makes it hard to find someone genuine with whom you can just be loyal to and do this love thing with.

Since time immemorial, ladies have been known to gift their men socks, vests, boxers and those type of things. Men might seem okay with you buying him boxers, but in real sense they want cars, a house, trip to Maldives and such. I mean, men won’t tell you this though – it’s an intel I just shared with you.

The question of whether gifting should be reciprocated is quite debatable. There are people who would wish to receive expensive gifts the same way they would gift you. There are those who wouldn’t mind whether the gift is expensive or not. It really depends on the person you are dating.

The best way to save yourself from disappointments and embarrassment is by lowering expectations. Appreciating your lover through gifting, dates, quality time is paramount. Understanding what your partner prefers for valentines is a topnotch skill that you should master. Also, it’s more of give and take – a two-way traffic, if you may. Ladies, at least surprise that man, make him feel appreciated.

Love is a beautiful thing, so they say. Valentines’ day is that appropriate day to show your person how much you love them. For singletons, you may use the day to appreciate the people around you; could be your siblings, your parents or friends. It’s not necessarily a day to show the love to your girlfriend or spouse, but anyone who deserves the love. Love is love.

Mr. Ogonji is a highly professional and talented journalist with a solid experience in covering compelling stories, reporting facts, and engaging audiences. He is driven to uncover the truth behind today's most pressing issues and share stories that make a genuine impact.

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