Ladies’ Expectations For Valentine’s Day

There is no better month to ladies than that of February, apart from December which determines whether you are the next bride in town or you have been the season’s cold remover.

Well Valentine’s is never Valentine’s without the ladies and a man in love, you can tell by the rate at which girly stuffs are on sale while fast foods have better offers and roses are almost at every corner. Who is blind to not notice how busy men are in shopping stores. Seems like window shopping is their new hobby.

Apart from the general perception of what Valentine’s is all about and expectations, there are those specific expectations that women and ladies have towards this love month and to be specific on the fourteenth of February.

There is a norm that was turned to now an anthem that; Valentine’s is the day to get a gift for that special beautiful woman, yet there is more to what a woman expects depending on the stage of your relationship and timing. It doesn’t mean they no longer appreciate gifts, they do actually they are ardent.

First determiner of what your woman expects is to confirm her love languages. This is where most men end up ruining their valentine by opting the normalized Valentine’s culture of just grabbing a flower or a banquet.

Flowers are not that bad as a gift but most women will appreciate it being a supplement and not the main course.

One most important expectation that is underrated is a surprise engagement party. She will never say it but if you have been in a relationship for more than six months that’s the best news she’s expecting.

A vacation outside town. Who even said females are tedious and that exploration is not their portion, you had it all wrong actually most times this is where most babies are made. This helps in spicing the normal private life.

What’s more romantic than an outdoor date or dinner. Most guys don’t think this could be an option more so those who are used to weekly dates or the monthly ones but this is one of the secrets to having a splendid day full of good vibes away from people.

There is this act of service that alpha males and toxic masculinity is against but it’s worth trying. A little change doesn’t hurt and this includes preparing a special dish for her. There is nothing that touches a woman’s soul than to have a bite of her man’s cooking skills.

The last one being a dress, shoe, movie or a concert ticket or an appliance that she has been longing for. It could be an oven, toaster, coffee maker, washing machine, dishwasher depends on her interests.

As every man is dining to preparing what to get for valentine, the women should be on the move too to reciprocate the energy or even challenge the efforts.

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