Uber Driver Catches Man She Was Dating Cheating After Picking Him Up With Another Woman

Uber Driver Catches Man She Was Dating Cheating After Picking Him Up With Another Woman

February 7, 2022 0 By Tyler Musalia

Jen Worden, 25, a Tik Toker from Pennsyvania, USA shared how she one Friday night decide to jump onto her side hustle of Uber driving only to get a ride request from a woman who was with her man.

Jen met her man on a dating App called hinge and knotted it into a relationship that would atleast lead to something serious – or so she thought it was.

One Friday evening, Jen was driving her Uber when she recieved a ride request from a woman. She re-enacted the scene in a TikTok video with over 3.4 million views.

Jen then made a few follow-up videos after a public demand. Her audience were hooked to the story that they wanted to know the ending.

So, she went on to explain the story and how it went down on that Friday night.

“So, I am out driving on Friday and I get an Uber request from a girl, no big deal. I go to pick her up. She gets in the backseat of my car on the passenger side. I looked over and she looked familiar, but I didn’t know her name.”

She narrated how she couldn’t recognize anyone because they were wearing party masks. But then the man with the woman got into the backseat of her car.

“I look in the rearview mirror, and we make eye contact and that’s when we both know. I knew it was him. He knew it was me” Jen continues, “I am like, wait, what’s happening right now? I drop them off at the arena and within five minutes he calls me and he’s like, ‘hey, I’m really sorry. I knew that was you. I should have said something but I just didn’t. I was in shock.”‘

Jen the Tik Toker cum Uber driver shrugged it off as a coincidence and believed the man’s story that he was with a friend amd nothing more. But something in her gut told her otherwise.

“At this point, 90 percent of me thought they were just friends and it was just a misunderstanding, a crazy coincidence. But there was a 10 percent of me – a small percent – that was like are they on a date right now?” She recalled.

“And the reason I thought that was because, when I had met his friend group, he had mentioned there was a girl in the group he used to have a thing with, but they weren’t a thing anymore.

Jen and her boyfriend discussed this over a phone call on Saturday where he completely denied the question that the woman he was with that night was not the same woman he had a thing with and said she was a friend.

” I straight up asked, ‘was this the girl that you had a thing with?’ and he said, ‘no, that wasn’t her.”’

The next day, Jen was at a bar with her friends talking about this entire Uber situation when the bartender told her that the woman she was talking about is here right now.

“And so, I’m like I should talk to her? We should talk it out, you know? Because she probably already saw the TikTok.”

The woman came up to Jen to talk to her and she confirmed that she was the woman Jen’s boyfriend had a thing with in the past. Jen then spoke to her boyfriend to confront him about it.

The man came out clean and apologized. Jen talked about how she didn’t hold any bad feelings towards the man.

According to her, they had a good time together, and that was it. A lot of her audience on Tik Tok told her she should be thankful for dodging a bad relatipnship in the future and that they’d never trust a man who lies so blantantly about being friends with someone they had a thing with.