If you are battling anxiety and depression, don’t let anyone tell you it’s “just stress.”

Majority of people all over the world experience a mental health issue each and everyday of the life that we live but we have not yet come to realize what mental health is or what can happen to us if we experience a metal health problem or a mental health breakdown.

Mental health includes our psychological, emotional, physical and even our social well-being. Mental health affects our daily activities of our lives in that it affects how we think, how we feel and even how we act and react towards different things and various approaches in life. With mental health, every individual learns how to control their emotions, how to relate with one another under different circumstances and also how to handle stress.

Mental health is a very important key in every step of one’s life, that is, from childhood to adolescent and from adolescent to adulthood. Many people all over the world experience mental problems. Mental problem can get worse if it is not taken care of or controlled.

Tragic experiences for example accidents, death of a child or even rape can cause trauma which may later to depression that may again lead to a mental health problem.

All over the world , when someone is experiencing a mental health problem (MHP), how they think, how they behave and their mood and even how they talk is affected.
As mentioned above, here are some of the few reasons that may lead to one having a mental health problem or a mental health breakdown:

Trauma and abuse
Trauma can be defined as a deeply distressing or disturbing experience while abuse can be defined as a cruel and violent towards a person.

Such experiences like rape, domestic violence or even discrimination and gender equality may lead to traumatic experience that may later on lead to a mental health problem.

Biological factor e.g genes
Anyone can be born with a mental health problem depending with the genes or brain chemistry. According to the U.S. NATIONAL LIBRARY OF MEDICINE, brain chemistry can be defined as changes in the amount of various chemicals (neurotransmitters, receptors, enzymes and other metabolites) specific to the area of the central nervous system contained within the head which enables the brain to carry out it’s daily functions such as generating movements, thinking, speaking, listening and regulating the systems of the body.

Family history of mental health problems
In some families, a family member can experience a mental health problem when the problem is believed to have been inherited or passed down from one generation to the other generation in a family’s lineage in the history.

Our main focus towards mental health problem should me how to take control of the problem and to stop more cases of mental health problems and mental illnesses all over the world. For self care, in order to control mental health problem, one should avoid drugs or any other substances that may create stress on their body and also engage themselves in a daily or regular physical exercises or go for counselling and also attend or seek medical guidance or see a therapist.

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