“To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven.” ~ Ecc 3:1
Before you prosecute me for addressing a certain religion and singling out the others, think of it this way…a reference book, philosophers do that too right?

Now that I caught your attention, I’d like to bring up the story that everyone is too shy to talk about. The reality that strongly faces us but everyone seems to turn their faces aside!
I don’t know which of the two statistics is more precise than the next but I know that at least one is. At least one must be, right?

Its only been only been four months away from books and bells but sad it has come to this. Rape and transactional sex aside, that’s a whole other story! Story for another day, perhaps. I’m here to talk about those under the bracket of ‘consentual‘ sex. You know, that known boyfriend and girlfriend that was couple goals na walikuwa wanatesa…haha.


Children are a blessing and if all those believe that abortion is a crime, we’ll be welcoming 100k+ blessings by the end of the year or the next!!! With parents just two decades old or less apart, and responsibility for a life inflicted as a consequence of pleasure untimed!

At least most of them won’t face shame from the judging eyes of their schoolmates. But imagine how many will consider going back to school? Will forego their kid for ‘the key to success’? How many have parents doing well enough not to mind fending for another life as their own while still paying fees for the new mother to make a brighter future? With the economy on its knees, is it pain or pleasure to count another plate on the table? Dubbed ‘unwanted pregnancy’ , don’t you think the kid will inherit that unwantedness from here say and end up messed up psychologically? Leading them to depression, drugs, suicide or crime?

Marriage is for a purpose and waiting is for your own good!
What’s the beauty of a couple of minutes of pleasure under the covers if it’ll end up in 9 months of looking down in shame in the open and being cut off from a chance of a brighter future?
Many values have been lost on the way of never-present parents, uninterested teachers and ‘minding their own business’ elder siblings. Everyone is “self made” nowadays and the worth of society has been diminished!

I’m not so sure whether the question should be ‘who to blame’ but rather ‘how did I take part in this end game?’
With a world made up of connected fates, the fall of one equals the fall of us all! So as you work your way up, don’t turn a blind eye on whatever, at your arms’ reach, however small, you can change. Coz it might cost you the trouble of time now, and some little wisdom, but cost you an arm and a leg in future when it’ll be the missing link between you and reaching your ultimate goal.
In Swahili they say “usipoziba ufa utajenga ukuta”… Translation…” If you don’t fix a crack prepare to build a wall!”

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