Kaa nitaona kesho nipe nguvu na uwezo wa kijana Na akili za mzee… I see you jamming into the song, wait! We ain’t singing here. Lets extract meaning from the excerpt now that the song is so familiar and you are uncontrollably nodding rhythmically. No doubt we have youthful strengths, where am not sure and I want us to pour our hearts out and be frank about is, akili za mzee (mind of an old person) History will haunt us if we are not learning from it.

The ugly drums of bad campaigns started long time ago. The tune was sought and the ‘dancery’ is well prepared. Ambitions have been declared. This time round from the statistics of 2019 census, everyone in political class is drooling profusely over this numbers. They say they don’t lie. Whopping 75.1% of Kenyan population is 35 years and below.

Okey, that has not moved you let me borrow acumen from actuaries, this fellas are trained to use numbers to predict future. 75.1% of 47million, rough estimate of our population is a solid 35.5 million! Numbers don’t lie right? This is a juggernaut y’all.Back to the song excerpt by Nyashiski called Mungu pekee. Enyewe hapa we need God only to make us woke from the stupor we have always found ourselves ever since time immemorial.

Lets avoid being treated as bunches of nincompoop by these people. Lets not be deceived this time round. From the numbers no doubt we are a massive force that should be feared by anyone. Lets be game changers for the first time in history. Its an opportune time for us to say no to the enticements from the manipulative politics that comes from perpetrators who are full/fool of themselves. Not even us they have in their mind. We are just being used for their own good. It sucks! Let’s be very independent in our approach to this electioneering period this time. Lets be vigilant and sober minded to make our beloved country great. It’s now on her knees, let’s rescue our habitat.

I rally us, lets show everyone that things have changed and we are no longer easy-goers this time, neither are we do-nothings type. We are young energetic with highly coiled grey matter between our ears. Let’s show them what we have on top of the neck isn’t a swollen neck but functional head to make decisions assertively.

Time has come, and it’s now here to stop being misused by political classes to cause chaos and blunders in our great country in prospect. Peace, I’m off.

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