June 9, 2020 1 By Nims Muchemi

It’s remarkable how you say you don’t like dramas, yet you choose to be with the same type of guys. It fascinates me that you want to be appreciated, yet you don’t even appreciate yourself enough to know your worth. I will never understand your ‘last time’ because it’s always the ‘last time.’

I sit alone in calm, waiting for you to learn that you are more than a thick girl with beautiful lips. He may not see it but I see your pure soul and I would want to caress the finest heart that you have. It’s bad enough, that you choose not to see me yet we are always in contact. You choose not to look into my eyes that desire your attention so that I can dry up your tears. I’m right with you when you cry about him and I’m also with you when you tell me you cannot do without him.

How many times will I tell you that he is not an asset to your tears? You refuse to see it but I know, you know that he is not for you. He will never be. You don’t cry because you are hurting, you cry because you refuse to let go. How can you be blinded by him yet he is the one who cannot see the trophy? I can’t put it quite, that you allow him to see you for your bank account yet your soul is the true treasure he should be after. I’m confined to be there for you but all I want, is to be there with you. I want to climb up that mount Everest mind and shut down the unburning lava that always requires validation from him.

Is he the one that has made you to think that the amount of foundation you wear, is equivalent to the rate of your confidence? Does he tell you the more naked you are, the sexier? Off late, You’ve visited the clinic more times than you’ve visited a church. I know you hate it when I tell you the truth about him. You keep on convincing yourself he will change, that God is testing your patient. Run as fast as you can. God cannot enjoy when He sees how wet your pillow is in the morning. God did not create you to be humiliated by a fellow human, that’s your own stupid decision. I see it in his eyes, he doesn’t love you, he just wants to use and feed you to his ego.

I wish I could lend you my eyes, that you could see what I see, that you could feel the range that comes from your soul. You are more than ten thousand likes and I have no idea what I will do to make you see that. Tears drop down my chin when I see your post saying that you are taken yet I know you are taken for granted. Come on, Open your eyes.