This Is Why Relationships No Longer Last

Have you ever asked yourself why it’s not working or why a few survive the dating stage and graduate to being in a relationship and later advance to marriage?

It gets to a point in life you begin to revisit your past relationships. Questions like why did you leave? why were you left? Were you the problem or was he? Maybe both of you were the problem. You even begin to question your capabilities to love, or perhaps, your love language sucks.

A good number of young people are finding it hard to maintain a relationship. You take a stroll along the streets and hear guys saying how much ladies are difficult to handle on the other side ladies are shouting it everywhere “men are cheats (you know I’d say trash)”. We are at that point where everyone thinks of money, stability and a kid(s). We are turning to a selfish world where everything is all about us- we don’t care about the other party. Emotional intelligence should perhaps be added as a unit in schools.

Has it ever crossed your mind that probably your scope of love is the one that is misleading you and wonder why old (traditional) love worked. The only difference between the old love and this of the millennials is that there is so much perfectionism and expectations. We put so much efforts in trying to change our partners and putting so much pressure on them, which leads to less appreciation in the relationship. Instead of embracing our partner’s flaws, we tend to focus on their weaknesses, and extend to judging them. Look, no one is perfect.

The current world has changed our vista for love. Love is now materially owned where you find ladies airing out their standards such as a young man in his twenties to own a car, company and give her excessive attention. And a man seeking for an independent lady, who can play the roles of a house wife, a woman who can agree to fifty by fifty contract. Don’t get me twisted it’s important to set out your standards, we all want a secured future. We mistakenly get in relationships not because we are in love but because we are in love with what someone can do or with what they have. We value how our life can be with someone and not their hearts. And that’s wrong.

We’ve allowed the public to determine our love life. By public I mean the external forces; friends, relatives and the internet. We are trying to emulate the love in social media, in movies and soap operas not knowing all these are scripted love. The public should be shaping your thoughts and not getting in your relationship. It shouldn’t interfere or measure your love for the other person or the other person’s love.

Love didn’t change it’s our mindset towards dating that is contradicting our emotions. Relationships have tsunamis and earthquakes, it only takes one person who you choose to fight with till the end. The success of a relationship is a two way traffic; give and receive (rather, give and take). Pull each other and be each other’s number one fan. So what’s up, darling?

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