Should Men Expect Gifts This Valentine’s?

Whenever this cupid day knocks, torrent of pressure comes falling down, quite harshly. The living paradigm is that women should anticipate flowers, chocolates, gifts and… wait for it, a lot of gifts. And what do men receive on this day? If in your head you thought – er- sex, then thank you. You are now part of the club. Welcome.

But what do men really receive on Valentine’s Day?

Conversations have been breaking the internet this past week. Men claiming that the only gift women can give on Valentine’s Day is sex. On the other flip, women came in defence asserting that they are a gift themselves and shouldn’t cross oceans buying men anything on Valentine’s Day. Well, maybe socks and boxers.

However, there are ladies that are willing, and have been, gifting their men. They go beyond what the society and the internet depict to make the day special for their men. It sometimes takes courage to break a paradigm, lest you look the odd one out. It is not wrong to gift your man. It is not a desperate gesture. It is, actually, acceptable and men appreciate.

Most ladies find it hard to buy gifts for their men, claiming they don’t know what they can buy. It is very simple. First, ignore the pressure. Second, survey what your man likes. Third, saunter to the store. Fourth, gift him. It doesn’t have to be something big like Lamborghini or a house. Even a watch will strike a love nerve. Small, memorable gifts matter the most.

History has it that men are the providers. It is by default. A man is anticipated to provide and ensure his woman is happy and comfortable. Some even go to extends of giving relationship allowance, atleast every month. Yes, you read that correctly, relationship allowance.

A modern day philosopher was overheard saying, “No money, no relationship.” Absolutely, it is more of what you are feeling for each other, what you share and what your objective is in that relationship. But money is a huge factor. Money is an essential spice in a relationship. A modern woman might claim she is comfortable dating a broke man, but deep down, she still wants to be taken for dates, receive gifts and look nice.

Men at times attend the imaginary ‘Men’s conference’ just to escape the pressure that Valentine’s Day comes with. Would this ‘Men’s conference’ be worth a mention if both the parties in a relationship gave equal efforts in gifting and paying for date bills on Valentine’s Day?

A 50-50 relationship is more likely to last longer than one where a man is providing and catering for everything. By law of giving, whenever a lady gifts or split bills, it awakens the generous side of the man.

You shouldn’t let Valentine’s Day pressure get into your head. Ladies might want to be treated the same way their friends are treated on this day, men on the other side of the coin might also want to treat their women the same way their male friends are doing. It should come from the heart. Valentine’s is just a day to show love, not a day to show off your gifting prowess. Infact, if you haven’t been treating her, don’t overdo it. Also, ladies, if you haven’t been treating him, don’t overdo it. It is more hypocritical to show love to your partner only once in a year.

Singles, anyone can be your Valentine’s. It is not about those who are in love only. Pick up a friend and treat them, make them your Valentine.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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