They Are Never Attracted To Your Character or Personality

They Are Never Attracted To Your Character or Personality

August 20, 2020 0 By Belinda Ashlyn

We’ve heard of these cliche that most guys have decided to use that they don’t look at the beauty and physique, that they want women with a good character, hardworking and go-getters . But in reality, they want curvy women; heavy behinds and busty chests.

The truth of the matter remains, men are visual beings. They are first attracted by the physique. Some will prefer petite some will go for thick. After all, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. There are those with interests in the skin color, eyes, smile, shape of the head, legs, thighs, behinds, tiny waist. The menu offers a variety. They are visual beings that’s why they end up chasing different numerous girls and be on social media liking the goddesses there. That’s why they turn their heads when they see a curvy or a sexy lady.

This shouldn’t make you insecure, it’s a call of nature. Neither should it make you reduce your standards or worth.

It’s one reason why a men don’t believe on hearsays, they believe in what they see. A man will believe his wife is cheating only after having his own visual proof, either a text message, through pictures, videos or he gets you in the act. Unlike men, women will believe in words because all women are more into listening oops, I mean hearing. A few take time to investigate but most rush to blame and act.

It’s always easier for a man to get a woman but hard to stick to a woman. This is where the character and personality thing gets in. You will only maintain your man by having a good and likable character and personality. This is when even if beauty fades you still have a place in his heart because of your beautiful soul. That’s when a man begins to invest in you. Most beautiful and sexy ladies go wrong because they will attract numerous but none will get to a relationship with them not because they don’t have what it takes to be likable it’s just that you don’t give him a challenge and reasons as to why he shouldn’t see someone else.

Beauty calls a man but personality and character builds his love stronger. Ladies, we should put efforts in stabilizing our character, personality and behaviours. We should be aware that mental bonds are the most strongest and most long lasting. To build a stronger and long lasting relationships, we all need to bond within. Beauty fades!