Everyone is excited to have a taste of what the new year has for them. As for me I am a worried man. I am not so sure how many will ride with me this coming year. Well, you all got the fears or probably you are the “owners of 2021.”

Mr C.E.O has just asked me about the above allegation, he knows that I don’t just come up with stories, ateast out of the blues. Well, it is at this quarter of the year that most guys claim to get some sense, good plans and resolutions and most importantly, people to cut off. All are good, assuming that we put some effort in achieving the said goals. However, I am bit disturbed with “This is my year” and “I’m cutting you all” phrases. I’ll tell you why.

It’s human to think we can make it, and in a generation where we all ruled by social media. Yes, we are wannabees, we all want to look good and expensive, even when we are not. Our instagram posts and stories are always classy and well crafted.

Anything related or poverty-coated is an absolute nay to the famous Instagram community, except for rare cases like a visit to the orphanages. Our lives are influenced by others’ to an extent that our real lifestyle is interfered with. In the end, what we adopt in our lives may not be what we need, but rather a want out pressures to fit in the ever dynamic society. Let me take you back to the my School of thoughts, where society is defined as man-made thoughts. In short, it is artificial, and conceived in the mind but not a physical entity like most of us perceive it to be. Therefore, the online community is so plastic to me. Now you know where we got the dubious phrases from.

First of all, who are you cutting off? What makes them fake? Why do you think you ain’t fake yourself? Let me get a little bit petty now, do you know that the word ‘fake’ is grammarticaly wrong when used to refer to human? Haha. Is it because they no longer react to your Instragram stories and WhatsApp statuses? Is it because they never post you during your birthdays? Come on guys!

Self motivation is good, and is encouraged. However, when you are too self confident you might end up loosing everything and everyone. Before you cut them off as you set on a new journey have these in your mind:

1. Not everyone is fake.

Not everyone is taking you for a ride. You might be the one who has developed an ego, treat everyone the best way you’d want to be treated and trust me you’ll receive more in return, or never expect anything in return. Just do you

2. You both developed different interests.

You ain’t talking anymore, right? And now you feel that he/she deserves to get out of your circle because of being fake. I have an answer for you. You both developed different interests and different tastes. It has nothing to do with what you are thinking about the other person. Personally, been in a situation where my high school best friends turned out to be strangers, once we got out of the school gate. That does not make me delete their contacts, we still check on each other once in a while and everything just run smoothly. Therefore, even though you don’t converse like before, they are still worth checking on. You never know what life has in store for you.

3. You might be the one on the wrong.

The greatest treasure is your brain. It facilitates everything that you do and yoy rely so much on it. At times you even forget that you are still human, prone to making bad decisions. The self belief that we are always right has taken toll of us. Sometimes we might wrong the same people we end up cutting off, oblivious that we are the cause of the drift. Self checking is worth before taking an action.

In a nutshell, humans are for humans and animals for animals. You cannot cut off a fellow to befriend a dog just because a dog is the man’s best friend, that’s a very cheap philosophy! Let’s all unite and embrace love, make more friends as possible and enjoy the fruits if our labour together. Embrace our different cultures and live true to our purpose. Nothing fascinates than helping a brother and sister achieve a dream, a mere gratitude can change your life forever. Let us all fight the bad culture of seclusion, society is what we perceive to be right, though ‘vitu kwa ground ni different sana.’

Instead of cutting off, take charge of the new year and set your resolutions and work hard to achieving them.
I wish you a Happy New Year.


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