10 highest paying part time jobs that Youths can engage in

10 highest paying part time jobs that Youths can engage in

June 18, 2020 3 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Here are some of the part time/full time job that’ll eventually bring food on a table of a Kenyan youth;

  1. Online Writing.

One of the best niche to invest in. Online writing can be subdivided into Academic or article writing. Academic writing mostly require our knowledge that we’ve acquired in school(e.g Finance, health, psychology e.t.c). Article writing can include content creation, copy writing, and even SEO among others. By this, a serious person can mint up to 35USD-5USD or even higher per week(during peak seasons). One can train using tutorials and the PDFs, alternatively working under someone who’ll train you as you gain experience. Just get a laptop and a good internet connection.

2. E-books business.

Most of us, if not all, cannot really tell when they last visited the library. Selling E-books in form of PDFs will make you some money. This is a niche that is not fully exploited at the moment and therefore it will ensure a steady cash flow. An investment with a minimum of 10USD will give a better investment, just get your genuine source of the books and get your business going.

3. The Khaki Bag business.

The banning of the Polythene bags use in Kenya did not only solve an environmental problem, but also opened a niche for other businesses of manufacturing other alternative materials. The khaki bag business is the new booming business in town and it pays quite well. The materials are relatively cheap and the procedure of making the bags is basic. Youtube tutorials can be of great help.

4. Fresh fruit juices.

Just by owning a blender makes one eligible for this kind of business. Most people prefer fruit juices to any other drink. Engaging in this business can help improve our health and can pay quite well.

5. Vlogging

Are you creative enough? You don’t need to answer that, just make use of the social media wisely and you’ll thank me later.

6. Greenhouse Farming.

Most common greenhouses are deemed to be expensive. However, this is a notion that has never been proved to be true or false. Greenhouses depend on one’s budget. Invest more and get more, invest a little and get a little.

6. Rabbit rearing

Rabbit rearing is not really new to most of us. It qualifies to be in top ten today owing to the fact that its demand has really grown . A very good investment.

7. Selling Second hand clothes(Mitumba)

A larger percentage of people buy second hand clothes, knowingly and unknowingly. Selling the clothes will therefore thrive. However, make sure that you find your right market( location).

8. Photography.

Photography is one of the best jobs one can invest in. The better the lenses, the more you earn. Marketing oneself and passion should also be considered with great concern.

9. Cyber Business.

Just a computer, a good Internet, a printer and maybe a small room qualifies one to offer the wide spectrum of computer services to the people; services like KRA returns and any other E-citizen are just examples.

10. Grocery business

A good business when taken seriously, one should be ready to get the best produce for his or her market to woo customers.

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