Not Rejected, Just Unwanted

Not Rejected, Just Unwanted

October 30, 2020 0 By Osoraaw Ink

Ever loved someone so hard
But all they do is act like it doesn’t matter
That you only exaggerating your affection
And it’s only them that you want

Slept hungry, lost sleep thinking about them
Thinking of how best you are going to convince them
How you are going to prove to them you mean it
Ignored the signs because you thought they were perfect

You always wanted them for you, only you
You did not mind the toxic traits,you knew
You knew that deep down they were angelic
The infatuation blinded you

Now you feel rejected, they haven’t smiled back
You feel like they only deserve you
That you are the best match for them
And you forget no one is perfect

Now you are living in misery
You forced yourself on them
Now they are treating you like trash
But you can’t get out, it’s too late

You already connected, that’s what you ever wanted
You feel like you made a mistake
And you are sure you did, you cry
Because you are now unwanted

You are not rejected, you are dejected
You only convinced your mind its them you needed
Now they are toxic and a pain you can’t bear
The misery of being unwanted is now overwhelming.

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