Save Her

Save Her

August 31, 2021 0 By Osoraaw Ink

Through her hue moods
Through her raw emotions
The beautiful sky smiles for us
It cries to bring forth life
We admire its sceneries
So beautiful and subtle

We pollute the atmosphere
We create open dumps and dig quarries
We emmit CFCs and detroy the ozone
We release chemicals to viable water bodies
Yet we say we care her

We shun from green energy
We want to drive petrol cars, guzzlers
We overfish, drive marine life extinct
Plastic and solid waste all over
Factories everywhere, are we saving her?

She feeds us, we pay her not
She cures our thirst, cleanses our oxygen
But what do we give her in return?
We kill her slowly, she is no longer the same
Talk of climate change, our very fault

God gave her to us to take care of
He commanded us to fill her with good
Now all she handles is evil from her care takers
She has mourned for the innocent
She has taken all the blame from the greedy

Please save her
She is the only one we are left with
Because when she falls sick or is gone
We shall suffer and many will die
Let’s show her the love she needs.

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