It doesn’t matter how I look
I’m a remnant of people’s opinions
A prisoner of what people think
Embarrassment perhaps to some
I triumph in the in the inner beauty
How can I tell?
I don’t probably have an idea of what beauty is
I’ve wallowed in my sorrow for long
I’m something better than a shadow
Everyone acts like I don’t exist
Will anyone love me?
Even if just for a moment
A reflection of tears is all I see
The only source of relief I’ve known all my life
What is my fault in all this?
A broken piece of art
Who’ll fix me
I’m I this despicable?
It hurts to ask for love
I want to be loved
Just like any other being
I guess I’m just a human being
It’s ok to love me

A teacher, blogger, writer. Managing Editor of The Youthing Magazine. Life is beautiful.

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