Before Him

Before him, all I compelled to was a gem.
All I fantasized of was my vocation.
And my satisfaction was nothing but a belly full.

Then he stamped into my life, conveyed that completion could be thrice more than all I ever wanted. Each and every single run up we had was a cup full of promises. Wealthy promises and “starehe”, is what I had yearned for, but his was far much more than that. What could be more promising than happiness, laughters and eternal love? It would have been my delight to tell y’all that they came to pass, but you know what, maybe dreams are just denoted to remain as dreams.

It was at 11.50 am to be exact. And there I stood in my fine blue dress, my right hand slightly above my left, which was a fiddly posture, but he always termed it as stunning. He stood right in front of me, and to be sincere, his beard was the only thing I could perceive, as it was what always made him outstanding and probably the logic behind my feelings towards him.

It was at that moment when I keenly noticed how watery his eyes were and sadly, his stare wasn’t the one that crafted the liveliness in me. I was fully aware that am a flirt kind of a lady, but I was well assured that I hadn’t messed up this time. I just wasn’t ready to lose it all.

Airing out his thoughts and speaking his mind was the next thing I pined to listen to. Just before I vocalized a word, he held my left hand and held it even tighter than he had done before. Actually, I called it “his way of touch.” “It’s over.” These were his last words. It cut me deeper than I thought it would. Deeper than my mind, deeper than my veins, and infact, deeper than my cells. I guess I deserved it all. Sorry to say this, but afterwards, I had no story to tell than striking my friends with this frame, “yaani alibreak up na mimi in two words.” How could he have the audacity to do that! It still hits hard.

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