August 10, 2020 2 By Kathlyne Chepkirui

The power of letting go is immense. Learning to accept the truth can be hard. There’s no way one can heal easily, right? What are you healing from? Old bad habits, the untold curses, unsung sorrows? There can be a lot to heal from. How does it finally feel? You are free from your older self, right? A lot ought to change. Friends may leave, family may be disappointed, but most importantly you found peace.

Life can throw all challenges your way. Each hurdle coming with a new level. You can’t just help but surge forward in an attempt to tackle it. In the process you may fail so hard that you wish you never tried. However, it’s only then that you’ll conquer your fears. The blames, the mistakes, the hurtful things. It’s hard. Do you want to heal? Take that bold step of recognizing your faults and working them out.

People tend to picture their perfect selves, the truth is, none exists. We all have the dark side someone probably knows about or worse still, you could be the only one aware of it. It’s quite something to be true to oneself. I mean, do you know what this means. To be in a position where everything is okay, no secrets you fear someday they’ll be out. Nearly all times living in queer fear. You’re amongst people but deep within the feeling of someone is watching or someone knows something, can’t stop bugging you. Heal from all these. Just face your fears the way they are.
It really feels good to be free. To be able to come out of that cocoon you’ve enslaved yourself in.

Well, the truth is, you’d rather have peace of mind. This way you can be able to make things right. Say the brave words ‘ I’m sorry.’ It looks so simple. Do you know how tasking this words can be? Especially when you offend the people who are family. You see, life can put you in a position where you’re at the verge of loosing it all. Then boom, you remember there’s one more thing you can do to make things ok, to say sorry. It really doesn’t take the pain caused away but instead it brings healing.

Ever thought of why things are going well for other people and not you? Then you realize you owe so much explanation to yourself. The question being what did I do wrong? The truth is, sometimes we are caught up by our own actions. Things we did in the past haunt us now. Just like they say, old habits die hard. You realize you are not really free. You find yourself stepping on other people’s toes on your way up. At times you justify your actions because sometimes you feel you deserve more than what you’re getting. When so much negativity is building up it yields bad behavior that is just a form of projecting it. In the process, you hurt people’s feelings and somehow you believe you’re got even.

Not all hope is lost. You can’t run from your old self forever. A day will come when you’ll get tired of everything and wish you’d realize it earlier. The truth is, acceptance is the way to go. Acknowledge your mistakes and seek forgiveness. It tends to bring healing to both parties. Not until then, you will be living a life of a criminal on the ran. It’s better to face it sooner because someday the truth will be known. You don’t have to be perfect, human is to error but you can always choose to make things right.

Forget what people will say, can you handle guilt your entire life? The effect it has on you and your generation? Of course this is too much to handle. The worst part is even those not directly involved will have to suffer the consequences. Is this really fair? Paths cross again and again but forgiveness binds us. The power of forgiveness is the game changer. It can clean the slate clean. It can undo the damage you’ve done. Say, in case of a curse placed. It ought to change the turn of events. This is a virtue we should possess.

In conclusion, say sorry whenever you cause someone pain. It goes a long way to mend the broken trust. Even when you think you are the most horrible human being, say sorry. It heals a soul. It changes situations. It has a lot of impact when told to the offended. Regardless of what your situation is, it brings healing. Learn to say sorry. This goes a long way.