How To Heal From Past Scars

How To Heal From Past Scars

October 3, 2021 0 By Tyler Musalia

Our world today is encompassed with people who have undergone terrifying or rough instances in their lives. Some of these experiences are brought about by either a person being negligent over an area which later turns to be worse, or someone having damaged their lives in various aspects.

Some heal fast, some take a long while to heal and some use the experiences they have gone through to be stronger and use them as a lesson to either impact others or use it in their lives as a lesson.

Some have challenges in airing them out and end up entangled in their emotions that always make them feel broken or not get along easily. Here are some of the things you need to pipit into consideration to try keep away from the traumatising memories that may not give one peace of mind.

This, at times, is one thing that most people find hard to do. Either it is something to do with blaming yourself or something you cannot forgive someone for having done to you. This happens to break most of us down and forget what happened knowing not all situations are permanent.

Forgiveness is a door to allowing peace into your mind, heart and even soul. Before anything else, forgiveness should prevail to allow us

We all, at some point in life have one or two people we trust close to all our life with. People who are not going to judge us for an action or always answers to your call when in critical situations. They can be that close but some have to be evaluated on their worthiness.

Such people are of importance when it comes to airing some of the issues we have had or experiences that seem traumatising.

Do you have such a friend? If so, consider yourself a lucky person on this earth. (Don’t forget to remind them of how important they are in your life)

Today’s world is rich in people with words of counsel. They are under the title ‘counsellors’ or ‘psychologists’. Most can be within hospitals as some institutions tend to integrate the medical world with such services.

In education institutions, one may not miss to spot an office belonging to a counsellor. One thing we need to know is they are there for us and we need not to fear approaching them for counsel and helping to find way forward.

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop”. We all are conversant with this saying that has been there since time immemorial. By giving ourselves that chance to sit and do nothing, you allow the negative thoughts to constantly attack you and beat you up till you have no way to tap out of it.

Keep yourself busy and away from from the idea on negativity. If you have to sit down and talk to yourself, it has got to be thoughts to do with how you are improving yourself to be a better you or how you are going to surprise your friend for his or her upcoming birthday party or just how you are going to start or improve your business idea.

When a negative idea slips in, bombard with with 3 positive ideas to keep such thoughts at bay.

Most of us are born in families that believe in religion. Some, may not know this but still have heard about the same.

We believe we have our creator who knew us ever before conception. God has a reason as to why some things happen to us at some point in life. After having some situations that make us feel unwanted in the human race, it is important to go back to He who brought us here. Some feel they are forgotten but all in all He never forgets his people.

Submitting to God is vital and letting Him be the one to take revenge. Let go and let God.

I believe with these few steps you’ll be able to repair the deep and at times tough experiences we have gone through, those that seem tough to go away like a stain on a white clothing.
But NO! It doesn’t have to be necessarily this way. We can be stronger and be a healed world.