The seasonal campus relationships are now at the verge of a catastrophe, if not an emotional constraint. These relationships are ‘powered’ by distance and coitus. They function like bluetooth; when they are far from each other, they can’t be connected. The closer the two ‘devices’ are to each other, the more efficient the connection is.

The fresher who had found a what-seemed-like true love in a fourth year is now burried in the confusion of blueticks and blocked calls. The fourth year is presumably in Kakamega with his village girlfriend – exploring a rendezvous in the hide of his isimba (a village crib built for a guy once he becomes old enough to have his privacy.) Such is life though. We all get played at some point in life – take heart sis.

Campus relationships are just as strong as the distance after school. It’s sad though, that some get into relationships as if they are on an attachment/internship – after the semester, they go back to their home lovers with stolen emotional intelligence abilities, bedroom skills and 4 months experience.

I pity the newbies. I really do. We all felt like we found true love at some point in varsity. For men it’s even worse. You meet this lady who has a cute behind, and a fat face – the reverse could work better; a fat behind and a cute face. She knows how to hug you, just as much as she knows how to make your wallet dry. She is years a head of you, and older than you. A 3rd year maybe – but she insists that age is just a number and that you are mature the ways she likes. She camouflages in love and sucks you dry – as if the poverty fraternity had sent her. You don’t mind though, because you feel she is the one. Untill the semester folds and she goes back to her nduthi guy back in Kiambu. Again, such is life. We all get played at some point in life – take it easy broman.

Rona (the pandemic) is here. It’s prospected that the whole of this year schools might remain closed. That is a knock under the nose for the Campus Relationship Association. It won’t be a walk in the park. Talk of insecurities. These are partners that are used to seeing each other daily, they eat together, sleep together, hug, talk, fight, play, mention one -do everything as if the nuptials were signed already and cows delivered to the respective home.

They will either have to be patient whilst they fall in love with the people in their vicinity or just fall in love with people in their vicinity whilst they massage their patience – let’s do away with patience, we all know that is spongebob right there, lighting a fire in his pineapple house under the ocean.

However, there are campus lovers who stick to the loyalty even outside varsity premises. They embrace communication and glue trust to their partners. They call each other to ensure all is well, and at times text to just keep the vibe active. Some even end up getting married after campus.

Distance shouldn’t affect the relationship, whatsoever. With the advancement we have in this century, it’s even much easier to keep the fire yellow and red; video call them, text them whenever, send them those suggestive pics, trust them, make them feel wanted every second of the time. As long as their hearts are knotted, then distance is just a word. This pandemic will end, and you’ll embark on the normalcy that you are used to. Hang in there!

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