January 15, 2019 0 By Donald Lawrence Oguda

Each day people find themselves in different situations, very awkward ones at times. Situations that do embarrass and brighten the day, all in one package. Here is a sample of the five weird or rather awkward moments that we go through each day.
1.Handshake and gotcha dilemma
The most awkward moment to find yourself in. happens when you stretch your hand for a handshake only for a friend to make that fist ready for gotcha. No one knows the magic behind this but believe me such situation can ruin a reception but still make you look so stupid.

2. The little toe and the house furniture Chemistry.
Have you ever spoken in tongues before? Like “shugribagri shukri bagri deng deng deng deng!!”,It’s very early in the morning, on a chilly Monday, then suddenly the little toe hits the edge of the couch, I bet you can’t leave for the job. You’ll obediently sit on the couch and think about your life and ask yourself if it was really worth it to buy the furniture in the first place. This is the moment that you’ll swear with the names of your great ancestors to prepare the way for you. I am reminded that the work of the small toe is to remind you that you have a furniture at home. Never proved though.


3.Distinct Answer for a question

You are in this Mathematics test. Obviously you know your worth before setting your foot in that exam room,you not that good in mathematics but being that your parents paid your fee you have no other option but to take the paper. And immediately after the paper you are the first one to let all know what you wrote,or what you had on your marking scheme.Well,the correct answer is 49 while what you wrote is 499.789,this is the time you realize that you are also a person with disability.
4.Stranger at a Friend’s place
Your hommie invites you to his place maybe for dinner. As always you never waste such a golden chance because probably you’ll have time to catch up and share the long week’s experience. You get to his/her place and not long a group of people also join both of you. You realize that these guys know each other so well till you can’t keep up with your stories. And that’s how you end up engrossed to your phone.
5.The finger pointing sermons.
You’ll ask some of the guys why they never go to the church or any religious gathering,they’ll tell you that the priest is always pointing at them each time they go to church. Some priests and preachers are so accurate,100% accurate. Some of the sermons directly points at one.such a situation makes one feel guilty,it brings the feeling of “the whole world knows about me now.” Very awkward.

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