Choose the right Shade

This is one key essential to consider when you are putting color on your hair. Remember the process is not easily erasable so when you are adding on color, remember that might be your look for some time. Don’t make a mistake of visiting a store and grabbing a color just because your idol has it on or that the model on the package looks admirable. There are high chances that you are not the model’s twin so how it appears on them may be different from how it appears on you. The best choice of dye would be the one that is based on your skin color and if that is impossible to choose, the internet can give you a hand.

Don’t make a drastic change

Anytime you want to alter with your hair color using more than three shades, it’s wise to visit professionals because if you happen to combine the wrong essentials, your hair will not give you the smile you intended. There are dark and extreme light bases to go with different shades so when you mess up a bit, everything changes including the hair color you intended and I bet you didn’t plan on wearing hoodies and caps when you desired to change your color. Have it go through the right process and you will not have to wait for the dark to go outside the house.

Prepare your Hair

This bit helps in how the shade will embrace your hair. When coloring your hair, make sure it is oil-free or even water-free for better results. If you want that hair color to pop, heating is Advised -You could go on a dye for better results but even natural light will give you the look.

Do adequate research on hair coloring

This is one essential process that we all ignore. Knowing about the dye you want to apply will guide you to know the maintaining process you will also have committed to before dying. You need to ask yourself if the hair dye that you need to dress your natural hair will consume much time since if you are going a shade higher, the process for darker shades will not be the same as for the person who wants light colors. Coloring your hair might damage your natural hair so you need to know what company is suitable for your hair texture.

Word of advice: if it’s your first time coloring your hair, you should avoid coloring it red because it is the most difficult to achieve and it needs a higher maintenance because it tends to make your hair dry and tough.

With these short tips, it’s also advised to look into applications that will guide you in choosing the right color. Avoid these bold colors that you see celebrities with because they are not planning to stay with that hairdo long after a video shoot or even an interview. Go with something that will serve you for some time

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