August 14, 2020 0 By Osoraaw Ink

In the tranquil of the night
Solitude slaps me hard
Cold feet and aching heart
Resigned and unhappy
I still had your love burning in me

In the bright moon light
My demons up and roaming
Yours running away into the abyss
Leaving me for doom
Figures so dark, eyes couldn’t see

I tried to get hold of my feelings
My mind already was lost
I was lost and incapable
You left me handicapped
I pray you stray around next time

Down the streets I wandered
Hoping to see your face once more
Following your sweet scent
I put on your favorite hoodie
Hoping you could notice me

The dead end I reached
I had already lost my way back
Let me die here, please
I don’t want to go back
But if you come with me

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