July 17, 2020 4 By Osoraaw Ink

White blouse, an even shorter checked skirt
Blonde Brazilian human hair, dark eyeshadow
Black lipstick, dark skin turned latte from heavy make up
Six inch stiletto, struts under incandescent lights

Holds the pole in style, mistress of her trade
Slithers sways and sashays, how exquisite
Honey filled lips, drips hot emotions
Pulls pot bellied men closer, spits sweet venom

Urge them on, splash their cash till wrists tired
Slap their bare backsides, harder with loads of cash
Burry them faces, into full steady milk pots
Smell the fragrance, pass out and get robbed

For more fun, VIP exclusives only
Lap dances and belly rubs, even dipping at a fee
It’s late into the night, brightly moon lit night
Spent loads for merry, appealing to the eyes

Next day week and the next year
Kissed a thousand frogs, fed their lavish lifestyles
Need a skin lift, bones too weak for the pole
Provide exclusive exotic pleasure in private

Top politician, resident doctor come have fun
Hey musician, drug lord, heres your honey pot
The university student can dip too, costs a few rupees
The town bicycle, who has not ridden the chica?


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