Dear Lord

Dear Lord

October 2, 2020 1 By Osoraaw Ink

I stood at the edge
Ready to lose my soul
I had already lost hope
That was the last I was about to breath

You heard my loud thoughts
I had already got out of my feelings
I had worn my resigned heart
My vision was now blurry

You urged me to hang on in there
You brought hope in my life
I suddenly felt worthy
Now Iknow you are Love

I won’t stop praising you
For you have been with me in my lowest
You raised me up, so high
Now everyone looks up to me

Who am I to act normal
When my heart is filled with joy?
I will dance and make noise
They must know your name

Lord, I pray into thee
Heal this world, raise its inhabitants
Let the whole race see your presence
Manifest yourself like you did to me.

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