I don’t want to over think if the words hanged over there are grammatically meaningful but my concern is in you. Who are you? I’m sure you know that apart from your designer, you are the second one in the ranking who knows about you.

What would be your response on my question? If you have joined lately, let me reiterate the question because I’m not leaving anyone behind, who are you? Please do not unveil to me your detailed autobiography as a response to this. This might be the response you are just about to give and I’m not ready for it. What is the sum total of you? What are your building blocks? How uniquely are you fabricated? It’s only your clone that can have another you, for no other duplicacy of you is found elsewhere under the sun.

Biological logic has it that our genome is stuffed with chromosomes that has very unique strands and double strands of RNA and DNA making us have very a unique character that details who we are. What’s your description not from an observer but from self? I know a tree cannot brag on how juicy and succulent its fruits are, but the consumers can. This is not on trial here but you are.

Ever had this instance in your life where people around you identified some abilities in you that was a shocker to you? Maybe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ is your answer, no problem but I insist a millionth times, who are you? How much have you invested in this project entitled ‘personal awareness’ of which you are the only contractor. Wait, is it important to know yourself? This is not a rhetorical question, please whisper your answer; can hear you indistinctly as you whisper ‘yes’. Our identity has a package that is replete with what defines us. Arguably the package is stuffed with these items.

These are just but not limited in what am just about to serve you.Your purpose; what are you existing for? What is the reason for your existence? Your potential;what can you do? What are you capable of.Your destiny; when all is said and done what would be your end? What would you have done to be fulfilled when this end comes? What’s the trajectory of your life? Can you write a letter to self as a tracking sheet of your expectation?

I don’t want to scare you. God forbid. In your mind see yourself going to a funeral of loved one. As you walked into a chapel, you noticed flowers, the soft organ music. You see the face of friends and family members; you feel the shared sorrow of losing. As you reach the front of the room and look inside the casket, you suddenly came face to face with yourself. This is your funeral, ten years from now. Take a sit and look down a program in your hands. First speaker is from your extended family, second a close friend, third is an acquaintance from your business, and fourth is from your church or some community service organization where you have worked. What character would you like each of these speakers to have seen in you? What difference would you like to have made in your life?

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