Time heals all the wounds; how do they know? -it stills hurts. It’s been way too long. long enough, for me to know I’m in a dark place. long enough, for me to call it home. Sad, right? Don’t tap my shoulder yet-telling me that this will soon be over. The lie that we all need it to stand but we don’t rely on it anyway.

I bet it cuts like a burning arrow in your heart, because those who do it are those humans that you hold close. It burns in your soul because those who are suppose to be there when your world is crushing down, are the same beings that put it on fire. They say their intentions were clear. How clear were they to see that it would have torn you into pieces? They say they never meant to. How did they think of it?

You are probably going through something more or less than what I am. Thinking that everything that begins also ends. But that’s it, you don’t want it to be over, you want it to rage in your soul. You never want to forget what they did to you. You never want to forget the situation they put you through. If you forget, you lose your path. If you lose your path, you allow such a happening to reap off your soul again. No one wants that, not even the person who made you feel little.
The truth is, at your darkest is where you find light. At your deepest thoughts, is where you find answers. At your worst times, is where you find salvation.

life is not about who is real to your face, it’s about who is real behind your back. Since we all know we can’t evade from this nightmare, we ought to embrace it. Betrayal is a two-way street; we are also capable of betraying those we Love. Let us put it in mind that someone somewhere will break us or we will break someone but still, life goes on. We are humans and making mistakes is an inbuilt system. Stop letting betrayal separate you from the world, instead, embrace it and see how far you will go. I mean, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Right?

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